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Coin: The All-in-One Smart Credit Card
I’ll be the first to admit it – my wallet is uncomfortably overstuffed. If you’re anything like me, you carry around a few credit cards, a slew of loyalty cards, a library membership, three old receipts, a quarter and a stick of gum in your wallet. I can’t help but to feel somewhat self-conscious as I struggle against my pants to extract this cluttered wad of leather from my pocket to purchase my morning coffee.
Fortunately, there will soon be a way of consolidating you credit cards into one “ smart credit card, ” called Coin . The common problem of an overstuffed wallet plagued Kanishk Parashar, CEO and founder of the startup company Coin , and inspired him to revolutionize the way we pay with credit cards. This innovative product allows users to scan and store the information of up to eight swipe-able cards on the Coin card, which can then be managed on the corresponding Coin mobile app. As users browse through which card they want to use, communication between the Coin card and the smartphone app activates the payment.
Each Coin card will cost consumers roughly $100. This innovative product will be available by summer 2014. I’m not sure about you, but I’m excited to try out the Coin myself and see it being used right here in South Bend.
To read more about the Coin card, click here: engadget , All Things Digital , GIZMODO , The Verge .
- Khoa Huynh

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